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Our Pledge



At Avantax, we seek to deliver quality investment products backed by truly personalized service. Your Avantax Advisor will strive to know and understand your unique circumstances, provide a values-based financial strategy, and recommend financial solutions based on your needs.

We believe every investor has certain rights and responsibilities. As an investor, you have a right to:

Responsible Investment Advice

  • Work with an investment professional of your choosing who will help define and clarify your investment goals and risk tolerance as they help you address your stated objectives.
  • Receive personalized investment advice about investment products that are in your best interest.
  • Be informed of material conflicts of interest between you and your Advisor.
  • Receive reliable information from your Advisor that will assist you in setting realistic expectations about potential long-term performance and associated risks of various investment products.
  • Be presented with reasonable investment alternatives designed to meet your expectations, including comparative risks, benefits and costs.
  • Tell your Avantax Advisor about similar mutual fund holdings you have at other broker/dealers or directly with the mutual funds, so that your Advisor can make sure you receive any applicable “breakpoint” discount.

Clear and Meaningful Disclosures

  • Receive clear and accurate descriptions of all your transactions, statement and other communications from your Advisor.
  • Be clearly informed about fees associated with your account.
  • Be clearly informed about risks associated with individual investments and your overall portfolio.
  • Receive accurate and timely periodic statements of your account, including detailed transactional information.
  • Receive clear descriptions of our policies and practices for protecting the privacy of non-public, personal information.

Quality Service

  • Be treated in a fair, ethical and respectful manner in all interactions with your Advisor and financial services firm, and its employees and affiliates.
  • Receive competent and courteous service and advice at a commercially reasonable price.
  • Choose products and services that are suitable for your investment goals in line with your stated risk profile, provided you meet any prequalification requirements.
  • Move your investment account(s) to another investment professional or a new firm in a simple, efficient manner while assuring protection of your privacy.
  • A prompt response from your Advisor and financial services firm, if there are concerns about your account.
  • A clearly defined process for raising, resolving and if necessary, elevating a complaint.

As an investor, you also have certain responsibilities that will help foster a successful relationship with your Advisor. Therefore, there are some important steps you must take in developing and maintaining an open and honest relationship with your Advisor:

  • Communicate Talk to your Advisor about your expectations about frequency and method of communications that best fits your needs.
  • Determine Discuss what information you need with your Advisor and ask questions that you have about your account, a specific transaction, potential conflicts of interest and commissions, sales charges and other fees you may not understand.
  • Provide – Your Advisor needs accurate information about your financial status, investment goals and risk tolerance. Your answers to these important questions will inform the investment recommendations your Advisor makes and will help your Advisor provide you with appropriate advice.
  • Notify – Your Advisor should be notified if there are significant changes in investment objectives or personal circumstances.
  • Review – You should review your portfolio holdings and transaction statements on a regular basis, including whenever your financial circumstances change.

Inform and Educate Yourself

  • Read thoroughly all sales literature, prospectuses and/or other offering documents before making any investment.
  • Consider carefully all investment risks, fees and/or other factors explained in these documents.
  • Make sure you understand the relationship not only between your investment objectives and the risks and returns on your particular investments, but also between your particular investments and your investment objectives. It’s especially important to remember that every investment has some degree of risk and that it is possible to lose some or all of your money on any investment.

Keep Your Accounts Current

  • Have cash or available margin-buying power in your investment account, or transfer funds into that account, to ensure payment for securities purchased by the settlement date. If you pay by check or funds transfer, always make payment directly to an Avantax company, mutual fund company, First Clearing, LLC, or an insurance carrier, not to an Advisor or his/her independent company.
  • Review all transaction confirmations and account statements or reports carefully and promptly to ensure that any transactions in your accounts, including deposits and withdrawals, are accurate and were effected according to your instructions. Report any errors or any questions you have to Avantax directly at (866) 218-8206, x4790.

Use the Right Resources — Carefully

  • Recognize the difference between securities-related business and other services available outside of Avantax. The responsibilities of Avantax Investment ServicesSM relate specifically to securities-related products and do not apply to any other products or services you may obtain from your Advisor. Your Advisor is an independent contractor who may offer additional products and services outside his/her relationship with Avantax. For example, Avantax does not provide or supervise tax, accounting, payroll, or legal services.